Little Sensory Adventures: Unlocking the magic of sensory play for kids

Ignite your child’s learning and imagination with sensory play

At Little Sensory Adventures, we bring the power of sensory play to life, igniting your child’s imagination and curiosity like never before.

Our exciting sensory play experiences are carefully designed to promote exploration, learning, and the development of important cognitive, social, and emotional skills in children.

Little Sensory Adventures is here to bring the magic of incredible sensory activities to your little one, from babies who can sit unsupported to children five years old.

And the best part? We don’t just serve select areas – we regularly visit communities throughout the Southwest, making our services accessible to all.

Also, we can make your child’s birthday party extra special. Book us for a private sensory play experience your child and their friends will never forget.

Don’t miss out on the chance to create unforgettable sensory adventures for your child.

Meet the Queen of sensory adventures – Alicia Goodlad

Our mission is to transport your little ones into a world of sensory play.

We understand every parent wants to give their child the best experiences in life.

So let us help you achieve that goal by bringing sensory play to you.

Alicia Goodlad

Experience Little Sensory Adventures on the go

From Bunbury to Busselton, Margaret River, and Augusta across to Pemberton – no matter where you live in the southwest of Western Australia, we arrive at venues with our fully equipped mobile play centre.

Little Sensory Adventures

Messy fun and more

We’ve covered all the messy fun, letting little imaginations run free while hands and noses explore different textures, sounds and scents.

But that’s not the best part.

You don’t have to worry about the clean-up. We’ve got that covered too.

Little Sensory Adventures

Not just play

We have strategically designed our exhilarating playtime activities to create a stimulating environment in which children can freely exercise their creativity and imagination.

And don’t worry; our carefully curated play approach ensures that your child’s learning and development are at the forefront of everything we do. From exploring different textures and materials to discovering unfamiliar scents and sounds, our adventures are the perfect way to give your child the gift of sensory play.

So why not join us on a little adventure and let us bring the magic of sensory play to your community?

Little Sensory Adventures

Book Little Sensory Adventures

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re offering inspirational experiences for your little ones in a secure setting. We bring the magic of amazing sensory activities to life for children from the moment they can sit unsupported up to five years old.

Little Sensory Adventures Birthday Parties

Birthday parties

Create unforgettable birthday fun.

Little Sensory Adventures Play Dates


Take playdates to the next level.

Little Sensory Adventures Parenting Groups

Parenting groups

Boost social interaction and play for all.

Little Sensory Adventures Family Events

Family events

Make yours a child-friendly event.

Little Sensory Adventures School Holiday Programs

School holiday programs

Boost holiday engagement and learning.

Book us today and prepare for a messy, sensory fun world of play.

Call Alicia on 0400 299 208

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Unlock the magic of sensory play for kids with Little Sensory Adventures. Ignite your child's imagination and curiosity.

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